Ann Wilson, MLS, MA


Ann began her career in a combined High School/Public library.  Her work with such diverse patrons and unique collection created an affinity for acronyms, such as HS, DDC, SAT, GED, ASVAB, BLaST, JVB, JSASD, ALA, PSEA, PSLA, PLA, etc.  Upon arriving at Brodart in 2000, Ann immediately became responsible for the care and feeding of sources and is now known as the Sourceress.

When she’s not selecting titles for customers, or FYI, FYP, FYC, BCT, or CCSS, she can be found sewing collar covers and dog toys to sell at fund raisers for AABR (Adopt a Boxer Rescue, a dedicated group of volunteers from CT to VA who rehabilitate and rehome unwanted or abused boxer dogs).  She also makes cat toys filled with catnip, which makes her silly and causes her to sneeze.  She firmly believes you are not fully dressed unless you leave your house with pet fur on your clothing.

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