Fern Hallman, M.Ln.



Fern Hallman, in Dewey Decimal Order.

020.23  Professional librarian since 08/01/81, the day I started at the Atlanta-Fulton Public Library.  Also married to one, see Richard Hallman, M.Ln.

150 Undergraduate degree from the University of Miami, before they had a good football team.

296 My ethnic background and cooking specialty area.

587 Pteridophyta, my botanical group.

616.8522 OCD, especially about data issues.  641.5973 Squash casserole.   636.72  Scruffy.   646.724 Naturally curly.

746 Crafty! 782.1049, 792.109, 782.4216 Broadway, Opera, Glee.

810.9975 What I mostly read.

924.827 Where I’m from. 917.5823 Where I live. 917.5904 Where I love to go.

Urban fiction My unexpected selection specialty.

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