Lauren K. Lee, M.Ln.


Lauren originally wanted to be a cataloger, but a public service job came calling first.  That led her into the world of selection, helping her explore what vendors can do to help libraries make strong title choices. She is a proud co-parent to Brodart’s TIPS selection list service.  Over the years, she watched selection and acquisitions tasks become more closely tied to cataloging. So what is she doing for her swan song job? Selling cataloging services!

Born and raised in Memphis, TN, Lauren didn’t know Elvis—but her second cousin did date him in the 50s. Once upon a time, she lived with five sighthounds, including the #1 lure coursing greyhound in the country. She enjoys the beach, high quality microbrews, Asian and Southern food, and listening to Indian music. Don’t worry — she won’t play the harmonium in public. An avowed Grateful Dead fan, Lauren managed to see 50 shows before Jerry died, and still harbors a fondness for tie dye. Her quieter pastimes involve fantasy RPGs, murder mysteries, and quirky British comedies.

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