Suzanne Hawley, MLS


“Water and sun … but no hurricane” is Suzy Hawley’s mantra. Walking the beach early mornings, she plans her day and enjoys Florida’s incredible wildlife. One day a primitive saw fish swam about a foot from her.  Dolphins, fish, and numerous shore birds are frequent visitors along her route. 

Brodart asked her to be a member of their team in 1993 and she still loves selecting children’s and young adult materials for library collections. Other than that, she spends her days interfering in her children’s lives, helping the seniors in the community with various tasks (while pretending she’s not one!), and spoiling her Olde English Bull Dogs: brother and sister. They found a roll of toilet paper and celebrated their one-year birthday by toilet-papering the house with jubilation.  Life is never dull!

Lilly and Buck, Suzy’s Daily Office Assistants

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